Errata Corrige

This section is to record any translation performance errors as compared to the original translations so that students, researchers and scholars can be made aware of these errors.

This was an intense filming experience encompassing four major translations each of which incorporates three emotional portrayals (Western Jesus) with the addition of scene variations. This complete body of work with its malleable 'Film DNA' represents the equivalent of twenty four feature length films that enabled by polymorphic technologies provides for a vast number of play permutations effectively creating trillions of individually distinct films.

As far as is humanly possible every care and attention to detail has been taken to ensure accuracy of each translation with corresponding exactitude to the recorded delivery of each and every word as translated by the original translators. However, it is inevitable that during the process i have mistyped a word or misdirected a scene resulting in unintentional errors in addition to the ones listed below.

If as a viewer you happen to notice an error then i would be most grateful if you could notify me by email to and also copying with a description of the error and referencing the saying number and translator so that it may be publicly recorded within this section of the website.

Any other comments are also most welcome.

Thank you
Das Abra

Beate Blatz Western 56 Mezzo 'known' should be 'found'
Patterson/Robinson Western 10 Gentle Missing word: 'is' logo

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